Raw: Valentino Medici, Fabio Lopez, Mark Sanz

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Fabio Lopez has never met a papi he enjoys servicing more than Valentino Medici, who is the textbook definition of tall, dark, handsome. Fabio and his buddy Mark Sanz sneak away on night to fool around with Valentino, someone Fabio has been seeing on the side for a while now. But Fabio doesn’t like to share: the minute these guys take their clothes off, Fabio settles on sucking his daddy’s fat uncut cock, swallowing every single raw inch with lust! Valentino only needs to kick back and enjoy the excited pleasure he receives from the adorable Fabio and Mark. And no one can accuse Valentino of not being versatile: he takes Fabio’s young dick up his huge bubble butt and loves every second of it! Fabio gets so excited when he’s inside Valentino this particular time that he can’t hold back and shoots his raw load early, felching it out of Valentino’s ass! After he’s done, it’s the papi’s turn: Valentino pumps Fabio’s ass while Fabio gets hard again and fucks Mark bareback!

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08 Jul 2017

This video is a reminder that when it comes to Memorable Male Bubble Butts , Valentino Medici is certainly high in The League. It was a treat to see him fucked, felched ,then fucked yet again. with cum dribbling in the Prostrate Area ,very much in evidence !...The excitement somewhat dulled down when the Double Penetration was fumbled, but this turn of events does occasionally happen. Bearing in mind that Fabio and Mark were working with one of the great names in Porn, for the most part, they excelled themselves !

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