Raw Adventures sc. 8 - The Bridge: James Castle, Ansony

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James Castle and Ansony are sightseeing and come across a beautiful bridge made in a very modern/futuristic style. Taking in all the beauty makes their hearts race as they find a deeper attraction to one another. They return to the hotel and Ansony’s huge cock cannot contain its excitement when he sees James lounging on the sofa. Ansony knows that James’ nipples are very sensitive so he licks and stimulates them until it drives James crazy. James’ cock is so engorged and straining to be set free from the confines of his underwear that when it is it almost leaps into Ansony’s mouth. Ansony does everything to pleasure James’ cock, running his tongue up and down the shaft, circling the head of his cock to swallowing James’ fat cock all the way down his throat. James is also eager to pleasure Ansony and knows that he has a challenge with this monster cock. Ansony rewards James’ cock sucking skills by flipping him over and fucking his ass with his hungry tongue. Both James and Ansony has reached a fevered pitch of excitement that Ansony’s mammoth, raw cock slides right into James’ wet hole. James’ balls are drawn up high and tight and ready to explode, but Ansony wants more of this treasure. He positions James to squat down over his huge cock and they work in unison for Ansony to go as deep as possible. As Ansony continues pumping his colossal cock in and out of James’, James’ cock is so hard a feather could break it in two. James begs for more and as Ansony power fucks him he erupts a huge, thick creamy load of cum. As soon as Ansony feels James’ ass muscles contract around his cock he explodes his huge load deep inside of James. With Ansony’s dripping cock deep inside of James the passionate and romantic kissing commences. They have crossed the bridge to romance.

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11 Apr 2015

Man, this is one fucking hot scene!

10 May 2015

wooh anson is my favorite man, he is so HOTTT, great body and what a huge cock he has, he is so HUGE !!!! Like this video its so hot for sure. James is a good bottom and knows how to handle that huge cock of Ansony.

25 Oct 2015

When somebody as experienced as James Castle breathlessly tells you that you are "huge"; this must be surely the case..James, however, could not have wished for a better kisser of the sensitive regions around his ever-so-hungry hole, that continually seeped man juices that came about through some hyper-efficient thrusts, that truly did hit home... There can be no doubt that both Ansony and James reached total Anal Satisfaction.

21 Dec 2016

This is a totally sensuous performance. Ansony is highly-skilled at constantly hitting James` G spot in the most erotic way possible !

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