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Strangers in Prague 2 - Scene 2: Rado Zuska, Mirek Ceslar, Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen

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Prague remains the hot bed for wild sex with the hottest men in the world. Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen spot a couple of hot guys on the street and invite them up to their hotel room for group sex. At first Wagner and Rado Zuska strip each other and release their huge, hard cocks as Mirek Ceslar and Diego do the same. Rado begins the gay orgy by sucking on Wagner’s meaty cock and Diego goes down on Mirek’s huge uncut cock. Mirek is really getting into Diego’s oral talents and takes his head into his hands and begins force feeding Diego his cock. Switching up, Wagner takes Rado’s rigid cock into his throat while Mirek spits and sucks away at Diego. Rado then takes to center stage and spreads his ass open for Mirek’s raw cock to penetrate him deep and hard. Wagner feeds Rado his fat cock while Diego lies under Rado and sucks on his raging hard cock. Rado then flips over and lies on the bed and Mirek continues to pummel his ass as hard and deep as he can. Mirek pounds away at Rado’s ass before pulling out and spraying his balls with his hot load then pounds his ass some more. Wagner then decides that it is his turn on stage and Diego spreads him open and penetrates his lover completely. Rado feeds his cock to Wagner as Mirek feeds his cum drenched cock to Diego. Diego loves the sensation of his cock in Wagner’s wet hole and Mirek’s cock in his mouth that he explodes his hot load all over Wagner. Wagner strokes his cock as Diego continues to fuck him until he erupts his creamy load and Rado shoots his thick load into Wagner’s mouth. Have you made your travel plans yet?

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