Costa Brava - Scene 3

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Nicolas Taxman, Rob Nelson, Scott Carter, and Nathan Lewis embark on a sailboat into the Mediterranean sea. Once out at sea, it's not long before the foursome couple up, and take turns sucking each other's dicks until a round of cum shots have been spilled. Then Nathan invites everyone back to his swank digs for more action. In this sequence, Nicolas fucks Rob, while Nathan plows his 9.5¨ of man-meat into Scott's furry butt. The fucking positions change, but the result is all four men shooting cum, with a couple of impressive oral cum shots to boot! The four men then arrange themselves on a staircase to insure maximum deep rimming of the two blonds, Scott and Nathan, the later of which delivers an impressive, multi-squirt cum shot that drenches Nicolas' face with man-juice. Then the foursome moves to a sofa, where Scott and Nicolas furiously double fuck Nathan, while he fills his mouth with Rob's thick, uncut cock. The double penetration culminates with both Scott and Nicolas spewing their spunk onto Nathan's ass, which Scott dutifully licks up.

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