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Jagged Mountain 2, sc. 1b - Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes, Justin Harris, Nacho Valente

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Justin Harris is busted about having sex with Augusto Figueroa, so Nacho Nacho Valente makes him pay for it by having a hot orgy with Augusto and Donato Reyes. Yeah, that'll teach him. All three guys use Justin's mouth, standing around him in a semi-circle, and at the end, they all shoot their loads on Justin's smooth, big-nippled chest. The next part of the scene is a gangbang extraordinaire, with Justin further paying for his sins by getting fucked hard by all three studs. Where do I sign up for this punishment? Justin once again proves to be a huge shooter, and so are all three of his fuckers.

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Robert Nash
05 Sep 2021

all of the videos seem to be playing in 0.5x fast forward and not in regular speed..... WHY IS THAT?

06 Sep 2021

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