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SHOWER: Manuel Skye, Nik Fros

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Nik Fros and Manuel Skye are out on the plaza working through their flexibility, strength, and gymnastics skills. With all that physical activity, muscle flexing and sexual tension building it is now time to head inside for a hot shower.

With all that hot water, lubricating soap, and muscle massage everyone is rising to full attention. Nik drops to his knees and takes Manuel’s meaty cock into his mouth and down his throat. Swapping positions, Manuel drops to his knees and takes Nik’s fat cock into his mouth and goes all the way to the base while cupping Nik’s full ball sac.

After swapping cock sucking pleasures, Manuel turns Nik around and spreads his massive ass muscles, exposing his magnificent pucker hole. Manuel dives right in and feasts on that tasty, meaty ass. Manuel runs his hot tongue from ass across the taint to balls to cock and back again.

All this masculine, muscular tension leads to further pleasures and adventures. Stepping out of the shower, Manuel bends Nik over and rams his rock-hard cock deep inside of Nik’s imposing ass. Manuel slams his raw cock in and out of Nik’s ravenous ass. Manuel uses his incredible flexibility to his advantage as he places his leg up on Nik’s back and gives us an impressive view of both men’s asses and cocks.

Time to switch it up and Nik squats his greedy ass onto Manuel’s awaiting cock. Nik rides his ass up and down Manuel’s throbbing cock, building both men’s passion and power fucking to a higher level of pleasure.

Hungry cocks and starving asses demand greater pleasure so the guys change it up one more time, this time Nik is lying on the floor and Manuel coming in from above with his thunderous cock demanding full access. Manuel’s long cock has reached deep inside of Nik and massaged him perfectly as he fucks the cum out of Nik. Nik’s cock and ass spasm with pleasure and milk Manuel of his hot load as he showers his creamy load of cum all over Nik’s furry abs. Flex, stretch, sex, shower repeat!

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10 Nov 2023

Wow, what a hot couple of studs!

14 Nov 2023

Manuel`s big cock is a perfect for Nik`s muscle butt

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