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REALITY PORN #10: Luciano Heart, Andre Cruise, David Dimaggio

Video Details

As we step behind the scenes Luciano Heart and Andre Cruise are demonstrating a stretching/relaxation routine to help us all live a healthier life while David DiMaggio films the session.

Luciano proves that his flexibility is impressive and very tempting, as Andre quickly finds out as he assists in Luciano’s stretching positions. None of this erotic stretching escapes David’s view as his cock is quickly growing within his jeans. As the stretching continues Andre is unable to restrain himself and rips Luciano’s tights right off of him.

David has slipped his hand in his pants to pleasure himself and Andre has stripped Luciano of his tights and begins feasting on his smooth, muscular ass. Andre stands up and has his tights stripped off of him and Luciano begins sucking on his smooth cock then spins him around and starts eating his muscular ass. All the while our camera man, David is looking on and losing control of his growing cock.

Andre and Luciano have taken to the table and are in a 69 position, eating each other’s ass and cock. David has taken out his huge cock and begun stroking it to its full length.

Putting on a show are what Andre and Luciano are both gifted at and see that it is working for David. Since they have an audience, Andre and Luciano turn it up. Andre flips Luciano and shoves his raw cock into Luciano’s muscular ass and begins fucking him.

Luciano and Andre begin flip fucking each other then David steps up to the table and the guys are wild to suck on the huge cock of the camera man, David. Luciano and Andre hop off of the table and begin double sucking David’s huge cock. While Luciano is busy swallowing David’s cock, Andre is busy sucking on Luciano’s cock and ass.

Andre’s turn to suck on that mammoth cock and Luciano impales him from behind, leaving Andre speared at both ends with magnificent cocks.

The guys swap positions and Andre lowers his pink ass onto David’s giant, throbbing cock while Luciano is there to help the huge cock deep inside of Andre. David’s cock pops out of Andre’s ass and Luciano is right there to catch it and suck on it before shoving it back inside of Andre.

Another swap and Andre lowers his ass down onto both David and Luciano’s granite cocks. Andre slowly lowers his ass before he begins riding both cocks that are filling and fucking him with pure pleasure.

Another flip and this time Luciano has Andre squatting down on his cock while David rams his cock into his smooth, tight ass. Andre jumps off and David maneuvers to a better position and fills and fucks Luciano deeper and harder. Luciano is blown away with pleasure and explodes his creamy load of cum all over his ripped abs. Andre switches positions with Luciano and gets his ass fucked deep and hard. David dumps his hot load of cum all over Andre’s pink hole and deep within. With all that pleasure heating up his ass, Andre is quick to shower his load of cum all over his taught abs.

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13 Apr 2023

Fantastic scene!!! This scene is packed with all sorts and positions of sex between 3 very hot men. I especially like how the camera man, David remains somewhat in character as he is seduced by Andre and Luciano. Always a pleasure to watch incredible asses being used to perfection. Andre's DP was amazing to watch. Excellent work, excellent film, excellent sex, Excellent Men!

14 Apr 2023

I'm not sure if David is your cameraman in the real life but the situation is very exciting. Even the fact that he doesn't take off his sweatshirt makes the others focus on what they should do and makes it more exciting. It's shot like a porn straight video and its very hot, even the fact that some of the guys bring out their feminine side and be themselves is interesting and more exciting and natural without artifice or pretense. We must embrace diversity, it is time for that. Im agree with Alex , excellent work, excellent film, excellent sex, Excellent Men!

16 Apr 2023

I really enjoy the Reality Porn series. It's quite unique, and the scenes make the viewer feel like he's there during the action.

20 Apr 2023

Hot sex, David is cute an has a great dig! more please.

20 Apr 2023

Dear Andre Cruise, this scene for KB is amazing, one of the best threesome I've ever watched. You are the main character of the piece, it's amazing to see that David can't take his eyes off you, even when he's in action with Luciano. I'm so happy he decides to give his juice to you at the end of the scene. You are so generous, and so talented during the acting parts, never overacting (unfortunately Luciano always overact pleasure to my mind). Once again, you're a SUPERSTAR love you.

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