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BLACK LEATHER: Scott Carter, Sergey Blue

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Sharing your fetish with a like minded soul leads to some wild adventures as Scott Carter and Sergey Blue are about to experience. As Scott enters the room in his leather harness and leather jock Sergey is on his knees looking equally sexy in his harness and leather jock. Both men’s nipples are twisted, pinched, and inflicted with pleasure as they admire one another other.

Sergey grabs a brush and begins licking Scott’s boots as he polishes the stiff, black leather to a shine. Sergey’s other hand is busy stimulating his nipple as his cock commences to grow as his jock suddenly becomes too small to contain him.

With his expert boot service, Sergey has brought Scott’s cock to life and it too has outgrown the confines of his leather jock. Scott unleashes his stiff cock and begins stroking it as Sergey continues with his expert boot service.

Sergey quickly changes from boot to cock as he inhales Scott’s rock-hard cock. Scott places a firm hand on the back of Sergey’s neck and begins face fucking him balls deep. Sergey gives Scott’s cock the worshiping it so richly deserves. Scott changes with Sergey and begins sucking on his throbbing cock.

Scott flips Sergey around and onto all 4’s then thrusts his energized cock deep within Sergey’s furry ass. Sergey catches his breath as Scott ramps up the force and depth of his fucking. Scott grabs hold of Sergey’s harness and uses it to leverage himself to increase the onslaught of his fucking prowess.

Sergey flips Scott and rams his cock inside of Scott’s hairy ass. Scott barks out demands to Sergey as the two break out in a sweat that melds with the musky smell of warm leather that lingers in the air like an aphrodisiac.

Another flip and Sergey finds himself on his back, legs spread and Scott’s granite cock is perfectly framed by his black cockring as it slips within Sergey’s wet ass. Scott’s penetrating fucking has massaged Sergey’s ass perfectly as he grabs hold of his hard cock and begins stroking in unison with Scott’s fucking. One last thrust and Sergey is shooting his hot load onto his furry chest and abs. Scott unleashes his creamy load all over Sergey’s hairy ass and balls. Scott slips his cock back inside for one last blast. Unleash your fetish beast today!

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06 Apr 2023

Always love to see a KB leather scene. Two masculine, macho men fucking each other, what could be better? Good to see Scott make a return to his Bjorn days and in that hot cockring. I would have liked to see these guys eating the others hairy ass. Fantastic scene, must see!!

08 Apr 2023

It's great to see Scott Carter back after all this time. I loved his bottom performances especially and hope he does them again.

09 Apr 2023

Wow, it's been at least 10 years since I've seen Scott Carter in porn... And he still looks great !

09 Apr 2023

Scott Carter, you have been missed. I really like all the scenes he's in. Glad Scott is back.

william denny
26 May 2023


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