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Casting Couch #484: Valentino Pose, Thiago Da Silva

Video Details

Our newest Casting Couch encounter gives Thiago Da Silva the opportunity to expose Valentino Pose’s little secret. We can’t think of any better place to reveal a secret than in a Kristen Bjorn Casting.

As the guys enter the room and begin stripping down Valentino’s nerves begin to wain and his excitement equally begins to grow. The excitement is visible in both of their meaty cocks as they also begin to grow with excitement.

Thiago takes a seat and Valentino immediately begins to wrap his tongue, lips and hungry mouth around Thiago’s thriving cock. Valentino’s cock sucking skills are quickly bringing Thiago’s cock to its full length, girth, and firmness as it fills up Valentino’s mouth.

While Valentino is sucking on Thiago’s cock, Thiago is busy fingering Valentino’s smooth hole. Feeling the firm ring of muscles Thiago is too hungry to waste any more time and instigates some hot ass eating that has Valentino moaning for more.

Valentino spins around and begins feeding Thiago his hot cock. Thiago gags and chokes down the impressive cock that is filling his senses with pure pleasure. Valentino is starving and flips Thiago onto his back and begins to passionately licking his smooth hole. Taking his time, Valentino is able to savor all the luscious flavors of that perfect ass.

This is turning out to be a wild flipping session as Thiago flips Valentino and rams his hard, raw cock deep inside of Valentino’s ass. When Thiago’s throbbing cock pierces Valentino’s ass, Valentino can’t help but to moan in delight and the moaning only continues as the pleasure builds deep inside of his wet ass.

Another flip for these guys and this time Thiago is on his back with his ass fully exposed for Valentino’s as he wields his hard cock as a sword and slashes his way inside of Thiago’s excited hole. Valentino slams his cock deep as he bangs his balls up against Thiago’s perfect ass.

Of course it is time for another flip and this time Valentino is on his back stroking his strong cock while his balls have drawn up tight with each thrust of Thiago’s electrifying cock. Thiago is keeping Valentino on the edge as he continues pummeling his ass with his demanding cock.

Thiago got so caught up in edging Valentino that he himself has been pushed over the edge and blows his huge load all over Valentino’s drenched ass. Scooping up his creamy cum, Thiago fucks Valentino with several fingers, bringing Valentino over the edge as his cock explodes with a huge load of cum.

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16 Mar 2023

This is a wild scene! Love to see 2 hot men flip fucking, flip sucking, flip ass eating. Great sexy versatile men going wild! Great job. Must see!

17 Mar 2023

Flip fucks are the best! Hot scene!

20 Mar 2023

This guy is a good candidate to pursue this career, he has very good physical abilities and knows how to do things very well, a combination of great qualities. hot casting.

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