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WINDFALL: Aiden Tyler, Gianni Maggio

Video Details

Some days you just can’t catch a break as Gianni Maggio finds out as he is hanging his laundry and a pair of magenta underwear literally drop into his hands and finds out that they fell from the laundry above belonging to Aiden Tyler.

Being a good neighbor, Gianni takes them to the apartment above him and Aiden answers the door. Gianni explains the situation and wants Aiden to try them on to make sure they are his. Gianni knows exactly what he is doing with this windfall that has dropped into his lap, or clothesline.

With a show of flesh, the fit is snug and perfectly hugging in all the right places. With that Gianni begins stripping away his clothing. The guys embrace and begin kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with their wandering hands.

Both men are stripped of their underwear and Aiden is excited when he sees Gianni’s monster cock. Aiden opens wide and begins deep throating that giant monster. Gianni is impressed with Aiden’s cock sucking skills that he begins face fucking him and Aiden doesn’t flinch or gag once.

Aiden spins around and shows Gianni his hairy pink hole, and Gianni immediately begins feasting on that hot ass. His tongue probes, licks, and laps at the sweetness in front of him, exciting and preparing Aiden for what is to come.

Gianni slips his monster cock balls deep into Aiden and immediately begins fucking him with a frenzied lust of pleasure. The harder Gianni fucks Aiden the more he seems to be enjoying the massive cock filling his ass.

Gianni lays back, with his cock still inside of Aiden and now Aiden is squatting down onto the gigantic cock. Aiden grinds down hard, feeling Gianni’s pubic hair brushing against his ass.

Another flip and this time Aiden is on his back, legs spread and Gianni fucking deeper and harder with this new position. Aiden’s inviting ass is driving Gianni wild and he has reached his apex of pleasure. Gianni pulls his monster out of Aiden’s ass and begins fucking his mouth again. When Aiden tastes the fuck juices on Gianni’s cock, he blows his own huge load. Gianni rewards Aiden with a mouthful of his hot cum. You never know what Windfall will drop out of the sky in your favor.

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23 Feb 2023

WOW!!! What an amazing scene. Aiden was put to the test in this film and he passed with flying colors. I have never seen anyone deep throat Gianni before, much less take all of his monster cock up their ass. Very impressive to watch. Congratulations to Aiden, you are now my idol!!

24 Feb 2023

Tyler is so handsome, and it's incredible to see how he 's able to handle that huge dick! Fantastic scene, well done!

24 Feb 2023

Tyler is FUCKING HOT, amazing vid

24 Feb 2023

I want to see Tyler, Craig Marks and Sir Peter, together it would be the most incredible threesome in the world! Fantastic scene, more like that, please.

27 Feb 2023

These men spraying their man loads was more than I could take.

03 Mar 2023

Aiden is really hot and he also has sex appeal, his eyes are at the level of his pink pussy. More scenes like this kristen, please.

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