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Casting Couch #483: Jose Hartman, Loc Rios, Ares

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Ares was so worked up over his last performance with us that he wanted to bring along his friends Jose Hartman and Loc Rios to be inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men.

As the guys enter the room, we can see the chemistry between them and see that they are all eager to strip down and get busy. Apparently, Ares is the alpha in this group as it is his cock that gets attention first. Jose goes down first while Loc and Ares engage in some very passionate kissing.

Jose’s cock sucking skills are very gifted as Ares’ cock demonstrates with its rock ‘in reaction. Loc trades off with Jose and begins filling his senses with Ares’ rock-hard cock penetrating down his throat.

While Loc is busy sucking Ares’ cock, Jose rises up and begins feeding Ares his strengthening cock. Ares wants to taste both of his buddies and swaps up and begins devouring Loc’s hard, meaty cock while Jose sucks on Ares’ straining cock. This is a cock sucking train that only rock-hard cocks are permitted to board.

Another swap and this time the guys move from cock to ass. Jose is in the front of this rimming train with Ares probing his smooth ass with his wandering tongue and Loc brings up the rear as he fucks Ares’ pink, muscle hole.

This train is in constant change and this time the change has Jose in the middle with Ares’ granite cock slipping deep inside of his hot ass and Loc filling his mouth and throat with his beefy cock. Jose was built for this position as he totally consumes Loc’s magnificent cock and Ares destroying his hungry hole.

With another swap Jose remains in the middle, but this time Loc is pumping his ass full of cock, while Ares is filling his throat with cock. Jose moves with an ease that only enhances his partners pleasures.

With such eager and hungry men, it is time for another flip and this time Jose squats down onto Loc’s huge obelisk. Ares looks on stroking his cock enjoying the view of Jose grinding his ass down hard onto Loc’s thick cock.

One last flip and Ares is back on this train and in the middle of all the action. With his legs spread wide Loc is fucking his ass full of cock and pleasure while Jose feeds him all the cock he can suck.

It isn’t long before this train derails and Loc is feeding his hot load of cum to both Jose and Ares. As soon as that hot load hits Ares lips he shoots his own thick, gooey load of cum. As Jose begins shooting his creamy load, he begins sucking any cum all off of Loc’s throbbing cock. Get your ticket now and ride this wild train with us!

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09 Feb 2023

Love to see three versatile guys fucking the day away!

10 Feb 2023

I love threesomes, and you can tell that these three guys are really into it. Great scene!

19 Feb 2023

Loc Rios is really handsome.

05 Mar 2023

A parte em que o Ares fica assistindo o Loc Rios fuder o Jose Hartmann é excitante demais. Ele batendo punheta enquanto fica de voyeur na cena é gostoso demais de ver. Loc Rios é um ninfeto delicioso, tem que voltar mais vezes nas cenas

22 Apr 2023

Loc is billed as a beginner, but methinks he's been around the block a few times on his way to the rodeo.

27 Aug 2023

Jose Hartman is so cute.

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