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Casting Couch #482: Ares, Gianni Maggio

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In today’s casting Ares is being inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the legendary Gianni Maggio. Of course, Gianni arrives with that sly grin on his face, which usually means that he is up to some mischief, let’s hope Ares is ready for this monster cock.

Gianni immediately takes control as he swats away Ares hand and forces his face into his crotch. Ares is stripped of his underwear and his up-curved cock is at full attention and demanding attention, while Gianni’s massive monster cock takes a little more time to get all that blood coursing through it. Don’t worry, that monster is coming to life.

Gianni takes Ares’ curved cock deep into his mouth and begins sucking its full length to Ares delight. Now it is time for Ares to face the monster. Gianni takes full control of this cock sucking by guiding Ares head with his hand and verbally instructing/encouraging him to go deep. Ares gives it his best effort and makes it a long way down that massive cock shaft.

Ares is hungry for cock and turns around and shows Gianni his pink hole. Gianni gives it a quick lick before Ares plants his ass deep onto Gianni’s cock. Ares rides the colossal cock feeling the extensive cock shaft filling him up. Gianni continues with his verbal demands/instructions for Ares to fuck my cock.

Getting onto all 4’s, Ares rosebuds his hole open as Gianni slicks it with his spit before ramming his imposing cock balls deep. Gianni delivers a deep fucking that has Ares working up a sweat to keep his hole open.

Another flip and this time Ares is on his back and Gianni again stuffs his enormous cock in his wet hole. This time Gianni holds nothing back as he takes full control of Ares’ ass and their pleasure.

Ares’ ass is working Gianni’s cock for all he can get out of it and he is about to be rewarded. Gianni has reached his pleasure point and pulls his cock out and showers his hot load of cum all over cock, balls and thighs as Ares shoots his own thick, creamy load of cum.

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26 Jan 2023

Another one bites the pillow!! Always a pleasure to watch someone take on the monster cock of Gianni Maggio. Another treat that I have never seen on KB before is a man's rosebud. Great film!!

27 Jan 2023

Lucky Ares... I wouldn't mind taking a spin on Gianni's huge dick!

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