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THE CELEBRITY Pt. 2: Malek Tobias, Giuspel

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As Malek Tobias continues his life as a celebrity it is not only the paparazzi he has to deal with, but it is keeping the fans satisfied and today Malek gets just that opportunity with a very handsome fan, Giuspel. Giuspel has learned of Malek’s whereabouts and is awaiting his arrival to make his plea.

Giuspel is ushered off, but not before he slips his number to Malek. Later that day Malek remembers the handsome fan and is feeling alone and horny. One phone call later and the “celebrity fuck” is set.

When Giuspel arrives at Malek’s hotel he finds that Malek is lying there naked and with a raging hard-on. Giuspel whips out his masculine, Italian cock and Malek is hungry to get his lips wrapped around it. Malek is fed Giuspel’s hard cock all the way down his celebrity throat.

The guys move into a 69 position and Giuspel thinks to himself that this is what it is like to worship a celebrity, when in fact it is Malek that is worshipping the magnificent body and cock of his adoring fan.

Malek takes full advantage of his adoring fans desires and squats his horny ass onto his throbbing cock. Malek rides Giuspel’s granite cock, filling his ass and Giuspel’s cock with such an intense level of pleasure.

Giuspel flips Malek onto his side and doesn’t miss a beat as he continues pumping his hard cock deep inside of that celebrity ass.

Another flip and Malek backs up against Giuspel’s pulsating cock and as he feels it pressing against his wet hole his cock erupts with his gooey, creamy load of cum. Giuspel lets Malek know that he is not finished fucking his ass and bends him over, thrusts his cock in him and immediately begins fucking.

Giuspel rams his hot cock in and out of Malek’s ass and the warmth and wetness drives him crazy with desire. Giuspel quickly ramps up his fucking to a rapid fire fucking that draws out his hot load of cum that showers Malek’s furry ass. Shoving his cock back inside of Malek, he leaves him with a  deposit of cum to remember him by. Who is your Celebrity fuck?

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19 Jan 2023

I want to be a celebrity if I get to fuck with whom ever I wish! Nothing better than a hot Italian cock to drive one wild! My fantasy celebrity fuck would be Brad Pitt, for romance and for wild sex I choose Chad Douglas, Chase Hunter and Max Veneziano!

20 Jan 2023

I'd love to have a chance to fuck Malek, he is so fucking hot!

20 Jan 2023

O.M.G. very Hot Guys, Malek and Giuspel you are both amazing hot in this video, love that hot hairy chest of Giuspel and his nipples are my favorites too of this guy. Want to suck off those nipples of him too. Very hot bottom for sure, Malek Tobias could handle every man at Kristen born studios I see.

20 Jan 2023


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