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HOT AUTUMN: Cristian Sam, Seth Lion

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Autumn brings us cool and crisp air, beautiful colors in the foliage and today it is a Hot Autumn as Cristian Sam cruises through the park and catches the eye of Seth Lion. Seth is immediately intrigued and follows Cristian through the park until he encounters him with a kiss and a feel of pleasures that are growing deep within.

Seth takes the lead in hopes that Cristian will follow. Seth arrives at his flat, with the door ajar and Cristian enters. The guys immediately pick up where they had left off in the park with their passionate kissing, the difference this time is that the clothes are being stripped away and now they can feel the hot man flesh growing in their hands.

Cristian takes Seth’s rock-hard cock deep into his mouth and begins pleasuring him with his expert cock sucking skills. Giving Seth a thorough cock sucking, Cristian turns Seth around and delves into his smooth, hot ass with his penetrating tongue. Cristian has given Seth some exhaustive oral pleasures before Seth’s desires take over.

Taking Cristian’s meaty cock into his hand, Seth begins to lick at the fat head before parting his lips and taking the fat cock deep into his mouth. Seth is overwhelmed with the pleasure that Cristian’s fat cock delivers down his throat. Seth turns Cristian around and begins eating Cristian’s ass, turnabout is fair play.

Seth then gets spun around and Cristian rams his meaty cock deep into his smooth, wet ass. Seth’s cock remains rock-solid as his ass is pummeled with Cristian’s huge cock. The feel of Cristian’s heavy balls slapping against his ass have his own balls drawn up tight and ready to explode.

Cristian backs off just in time and lies back and spreads his legs open for Seth to fuck him with his granite cock. Seth quickly picks up his pace of fucking as the pleasure builds and courses thru both men’s muscular bodies.

Another flip and this time Seth lowers his smooth ass down onto Cristian’s throbbing, fat cock. Seth is fucking himself hard as the pleasure builds for both men. Seth hops off of Cristian and shoots his thick, creamy load of cum all over Cristian’s face. Cristian grabs his cock and strokes out his own load of cum.

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02 Dec 2022

Cristian and Seth are two really hot fuckers! This is the first time I've seen Cristian get fucked, and I'd like to see him do it more often!

02 Dec 2022

its good to see to Cristian Sam be fucked, very hot. great combination and vid.

30 Dec 2022

Loved seeing Seth takes Cristian's big thick cock

25 Jan 2023

Hope to see more of Cristian Sam bottoming! Please!! What a sexy Argentinian guy ??

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