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THE PERFECT EXCUSE: Lionel Lilac, Jason Rock

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Just because you have a big cock, huge ass, and big muscles, like Lionel Lilac doesn’t mean you can leverage all that hotness to get Jason Rock to assist you, or is it the Perfect Excuse?

Jason meets up with Lionel at a local shop to help him find his best friend the perfect birthday gift. What starts out rather innocent turns to a ruse as Jason is continuously stripping down and trying on sexy swimsuits and underwear. With each new garment Lionel’s huge cock is rising in his shorts.

The thong is the select gift and the item that brings Lionel’s growing cock to the light of day. Jason is no fool and they leave the store and head to Lionel’s flat for further exposure. Lionel strips to his hot tighties as Jason continues showing off the birthday gift. Jason gives Lionel the full fashion show while Lionel slugs down his cerveza.

As Jason turns around Lionel grabs the back of the thong and begins eating that magnificent, almond colored hole. Both men are beyond excited and it takes no time to ignite the flame between them.

Jason’s ass is hungry and wet and needs to make sure that Lionel’s monster cock is also wet and ready. Jason works his mouth up and down the full length of the massive cock shaft. Lionel’s huge cock is throbbing, wet and hungry and Jason backs his amazing ass up onto his cock and swallows it whole.

The guys swap it up and Lionel wants to make sure that Jason is getting all the attention he deserves and begins sucking on his rock-hard cock. Jason is then flipped over the back of the chair and Lionel’s cock is coming in from above. The beauty of this angle is breathtaking. Lionel takes full advantage of this position and rides Jason’s ass balls deep.

One last flip and this time Jason is hungry for cum and begins sucking Lionel’s cock as if he is worshiping it. Jason has brought Lionel’s cock to the strength of Hercules and is rewarded with his huge load of cum. Lionel’s load showers Jason’s face and mouth with all its sweetness. The smell and taste of cum drives Jason wild as he begins exploding his huge load all over his furry abs. No matter who or what hypnotizes you, just make sure it is the perfect excuse for you.

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21 Oct 2022

Fantastic scene! I can't get enough of Lionel and Jason, they are both so sexy!

21 Oct 2022

I want a boyfriend with such attractive friends to cross the limits, any volunteer? LOL The situation catches, very hot scene.

21 Oct 2022

nice fat and Big cock

21 Oct 2022

I like this newcomer Lionel Lilac, in this hot scene with Jason Rock here in this underwear store, where he fits some latest men briefs. Lionel Lilac his body is so amazing hot, can't believe my eyes when he got undressed, his facial beard, smooth chest, perky nipples and his uncut banana dick was amazing to see. Hairy chested Jason Rock is a hot guy too with a huge dick, who enjoy to please Lionel Lilac too by sucking his huge cock and finaly getting fucked very hard bareback in his ass. Hope to see this muscular Lionel Lilac and handsome Jason Rock, soon back in a hot man to man encounter with other hung Spanish men.... Editor Strongboli, hope you bring him back soon on stage !

24 Oct 2022

All you have to do is say the name Lionel Lilac and I am there! Great scene. Hope you feature Lionel in many more scenes. And a foot worship please as well as a hot threesome with Lionel and two bottoms.

25 Oct 2022

I'm afraid that Lionel Lilac is a little disappointing as a performer. Gorgeous, to be sure, but aloof and uninspired in the way he relates to his mates. No amount of tricky camerawork can hide his displeasure about rimming. His fucking is routine. And the jo cumming far after the fucking has concluded -- tepid and boring. I hope he'll improve because he is a spectacular looking man. Technically the scene was fine, and the underwear show was an entertaining prologue. I question the choice to squeeze these two men into that tiny upholstered chair.

21 Nov 2022

Jason Rock is really cute! He looks amazing in underwear and thong! More please.

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