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CC #470: Marco Di Pietro fucks Favio Vado

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Marco Di Pietro is the first to arrive for his photoshoot looking masculine, muscular, sexy, handsome and that is before he strips off his taught t-shirt, then Favio Vador arrives with that dazzling smile beaming from ear to ear, guess he is excited by his co-star in this hot gay muscle porn.

Favio takes over the photoshoot and makes some minor adjustments to Marco’s underwear, but Marco wants to be shot in a variety of underwear and finally settling on his exclusive KB underwear. The photoshoot goes off the rail when Favio sees that Marco can no longer hide his ever-growing erection. Favio strips Marco of his KB’s and each and everyone of his senses is overwhelmed with the magnificent, smooth, uncut cock in front of him.

Favio finds himself bewitched and intoxicated with all this masculinity and opens wide as Marco begins face fucking his eager and hungry mouth. Marco is an aggressive body builder as he spits, slaps and fucks Favio’s handsome face.

With his cock as hard as the rest of his rippling muscular body, Marco bends Favio over and rams his raw cock into his smooth tawny brown ass. Marco wastes no time as he quickly picks up his pace and instantaneously it is a full-on fuck session. Marco grabs Favio by the mouth as a bit to a horse and rides him just as hard, ramming is his cock in a deep and rapid acceleration.

Favio gets flipped onto his back with his powerful legs spread wide. Marco continues thrusting his cock into that pleasure hole that is filling both men with a euphoric sexual feeling. Marco slows up the pace, giving Favio the opportunity to feel the full sensation of the full length and girth of his mighty cock.

The sexual indulgence is building deep within both men as the mounting pleasure builds while Marco continues plunging his granite cock into Favio’s pleasure canal. Marco can edge no longer and showers his load of cum all over Favio. Marco quickly shoves his spewing cock back inside of Favio, which has Favio shooting his load with the same level of ferocity in which he is being fucked. That was an exhaustive and rewarding photoshoot.

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28 Jul 2022

Such stunning men! For the most part this was a hot scene, but I do have a question. Has Kristen Bjorn gone back to the day of "Gay for Pay"? The reason I ask is that the last couple of scenes one of the guys does not suck dick or eat ass. Is the model straight and not willing to do this, or is this an aversion of the Director?

29 Jul 2022

What a fantastic scene! Marco is so hot!

29 Jul 2022

Too bad Favio could get his dick hard during entire scene

30 Jul 2022

I'd love to have Marco fuck me!

09 Aug 2022

Agreed w Ralph: NO gay for pay please.Should be total QUEERS ONLY!! Sucking dick, eating ass, swallowing seed! Thank U Kristen

09 Aug 2022

Marco didn't eat out Favio??? WTF?? And no swallowing?? C'mon Guys!!! WTF??

03 Sep 2022

Hi Ambrosso.I just wanted to add that they don't even kiss.

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