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CASTING COUCH 457: AJ Sloan, Babylon Prince

Video Details

AJ Sloan meets up with Babylon Prince and gets inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. The guys meet up after the gym and begin stripping as they expose their lean muscular bodies. Babylon moves in and frees AJ’s long cock shaft from his mesh jock. With amazing cock sucking skills, Babylon runs his lips up and down the full length of AJ’s curved cock that gently slides down his throat. The guys swap positions as Babylon grabs hold of his ball sac and tugs them hard while AJ is stuffing his mouth full with his thick cock. As his balls begin flooding with juice and drawing up tight, Babylon bends AJ over and shoves his moist cock deep into his raw ass. Babylon builds his rhythmic fucking and pulls out before exploding too soon. Swapping positions Babylon lowers his mocha-colored ass down onto AJ’s throbbing cock. Babylon finds himself reaching overload as his rock-hard cock slaps against his abs, AJ slams his ass with his granite cock and chews on his responsive nipples. Another flip and Babylon finds himself with his legs spread open and AJ grinding his ass deep and hard. AJ grabs hold of Babylon’s cock and strokes it in unison with his fucking. With each deep thrust Both men take another step closer to bliss. AJ’s deep thrusts and cock stroking has Babylon showering cum all over his abs as AJ continues with his unrelenting fucking. Babylon reaches up and begins stimulating AJ’s nipples and sends him over the edge as his huge, creamy load of cum flies across his chest and abs. Babylon laps up the tasty load then shares the creamy flavor with AJ. AJ has proven his is no longer a beginner.

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24 Dec 2021

Wow, AJ is quite a stud!

15 Feb 2022

This is a fabulous scene, Both guys are hot and handsome.

02 Nov 2022

What a nice Casting scene. I fell in love with this hung newcomer A.J. Sloan who is an American native. This good looking guy has such a gorgeous body, his smooth chest, sensitive nipples and his uncut banana dick are amazing hot. Cannot imagine after he got undressed to see how horse hung this guy is... I love his huge uncut banana dick. This was a great man to man encounter with this gorgeous guy Babylon, who has such a hot male body, perky nipples and nice tats over his whole body. Cannot wait to see this guy A.j. Sloan soon back on stage again in a hot bareback scene, after this 1st video he did for kristen bjorn.

02 Nov 2022

Editor KB, Mr Strongboli where is this horse hung American guy A. J. Sloan now? After he did his first performance almost a year ago, we did not see any new videos of him. His 1st video with this guy Babylon was really hot to watch how he was fucked really hard bareback. Hope that AJ Sloan makes a comeback to the KB studios soon again, I really love him.

14 Apr 2024

Hot scene but I must point out that the scene is classified as "Europeans" but AJ is American and Babylon is Middle Eastern.

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