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Casting Couch #447: Babylon Prince, Juancho Severano

Video Details

Juancho Severano is thrilled to introduce us to the newest inductee to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men, Babylon Prince. The guys seductively strip down exposing their amazing physiques and creatively inked bodies, expressing and telling their stories. Juancho is extremely eager to have a taste of Babylon and releases his magnificent mocha colored cock. Running his hungry mouth up and down that incredible cock shaft, Juancho truly demonstrates his expert cock sucking skills as Babylon’s cock reaches to the very depths of Juancho’s throat. It seems that Juancho is in deep lust for Babylon’s cock, he just won’t let it out of his mouth, he truly is a hungry cock sucker. Finally, Juancho lays back with his legs spread open and gives Babylon the opportunity to demonstrate his cock sucking skills. Babylon proves that he is as equally gifted at sucking cock as Juancho pummels his mouth with his throbbing cock. With a hunger that runs deeper than just a hot cock, Babylon raises Juancho’s ass up and dives into those smooth ass cheeks and finds the sweet pink spot that has an irresistible flavor that consumes all of his senses. With Juancho’s ass still in the air, Babylon slips his dark, meaty cock into the awaiting pink ass hole. In this position Babylon is able to drive his cock balls deep into Juancho’s exposed ass. Babylon’s foot is planted next to Juancho’s head and Juancho takes advantage of this as he leans in and tastes the man flesh of the man that is filling his ass with utter pleasure. Babylon finds himself overwhelmed with pleasure with the feel of a hot muscular ass wrapped around his cock and the feel Juancho’s wet tongue lapping at his foot that he blows his creamy load of cum all over Juancho’s open hole. Babylon slips his cock back inside of Juancho’s ass and drains the remainder of his juice as he also flexes his foot for Juancho to worship. The guys swap and Babylon is bent over the sofa as Juancho comes in from behind and aggressively fucks that amazing ass. Juancho pulls out numerous times so that both men can feel the full impact of being fully impaled over and over again. The intensity of Juancho’s fucking has driven him wild with ecstasy and reaches a fevered pitch of fucking that rockets him over the edge and erupts his huge load of cum all over Babylon’s furry ass. With his cock still spewing cum and throbbing with pleasure, Juancho slips his cock back inside of Babylon’s drenched ass. Seal it with a kiss and we are all drained.

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29 Jul 2021

WOW, wow, wow! This is a great scene. The chemistry between Juancho and Babylon is so hot you will feel your own cock twitching with excitement. The 2 seamlessly move from one position to the other, no awkward transitions. As the description so aptly points out, there is a lot of hunger for cock, ass and sex in this scene. Must see!

30 Jul 2021


30 Jul 2021

Where are the download click buttons ?

30 Jul 2021

Sorry, the download issue has now been fixed.

30 Jul 2021

Babylon Prince is so sexy and exotic!

30 Jul 2021

Those ugly tattoos are a total boner killer.

01 Aug 2021

Why is it that gay porn sites don't proof-read before they put a page on line, an industry-wide problem? Babylon's model page is labelled "Babilon Price" while his name is spelled correctly while discussing him.

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