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WARM ME UP: Santiago Rodriguez, Jose Quevedo

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On those cold winter days and nights all we want is for someone to Warm Me Up and when Jose Quevedo returns home, he finds Santiago Rodriguez seductively sitting by the fire awaiting his arrival in only his underwear with a huge dick bulge. Santiago greets Jose with a warming kiss as he helps him out of his clothes. As Jose is stripped of his clothing his hot, rock-hard cock is at full attention as Santiago grabs hold of it and begins sucking on the full smooth shaft. Feeling the warmth reverberate throughout his body, Jose is ready to seduce and suck on Santiago’s huge cock. Being enamored by Santiago’s cock, Jose wants to take his time and truly experience the full exquisiteness of the pleasure that sucking Santiago’s cock will bring. Jose begins by superbly licking and sucking the head of Santiago’s cock then slowly working his way down the entire length of the full cock shaft. Santiago is flipped around and Jose uses his magnificently talented tongue to delve into the perfectly smooth chestnut pucker hole. Jose can no longer resist the temptations that Santiago’s exquisite ass is presenting before him and slowly slips his hard cock into the warmth of his perfect ass. This is no hardcore fuck session, but one of seduction, pleasure and enchantment. Santiago flips Jose and presses his throbbing cock head against Jose hairy hole as it begins to slide deep within his ass. The guys flip again and this time Jose is lowering his ass down onto Santiago’s awaiting cock. Jose is able to fuck himself in the most pleasurable manner as he eases all the way down until he feels Santiago’s pubic hair tickling his ass. Once last flip and Jose is on his back spreading his ass open as he is ready to receive all that Santiago has to offer him. As the fire crackles in the background, Jose grabs his cock and strokes out his creamy load of cum all over his furry abs. Santiago pulls out just in time to cream Jose’s ass and to collapse in front of the fire on top of Jose.

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25 Feb 2021

This is an amazing scene showing that sex between two men can be filled with passion, lust, desire and romance. It is nice to see that yes, there is a time and place for tender, passionate sex. Thank you Kristen Bjorn for showing that sex can be just as fulfilling with tender touching and seduction as well as the opposite hardcore, aggressive sex.

26 Feb 2021

It's great to see Jose back! It has been a while.

27 Feb 2021

To fuck.. with the boots on. hot scene. Im agree with Alex and Greg. Jose Toledo is a really sexy stud.

18 Mar 2021

I LOVE Jose Quevedo. It's always a pleasure to see his muscular, hairy body!

25 Oct 2022

I enjoy this video with those 2 gorgeous men Santiago Rodriguez and Jose Quevedo After both men got undressed after they met, I was surprised to see that hairy body of muscular Jose Quevedo. Never saw such hot hairy body before on a man. This gorgeous guy from Espana, is so hot and he really loves man to man sex encounters with horse hung Santaigo Rodriguez. Horse hung Santiago who is a hot bottom ready to take that huge banana dick with no problem in his hot ass of horse hung Jose Quevedo. Santiago Rpdriquez has such a sexy male body and his perky nipples are amazing hot !! Great scene as always edited by Strongboli. I always love that you bring us those hot sexy and muscular men !!

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