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Mucho Macho: Max Hilton, Kike Gil

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After work the very sexy, mucho macho gay porn stars Max Hilton and Kike Gil hook up for what will be a battle of the muscle men. As they begin to disrobe, we see Kike’s beefy chest and pierced nipples awaiting attention and Max reveals his muscle pecs of granite. As their cocks are caressed and leap from their pants, Max drops to his knees and takes the hairy man’s cock into his mouth and begins to pleasure it and himself with the heat and musk that radiates from it. Kike’s cock is rock-solid and his balls have drawn up tight as Max titillates the head of his cock with his tongue. Excited to get his lips wrapped around the big muscle man’s cock, Kike devours Max’s strong, fully erect big boy dick. Kike turns around and presents his hairy ass to Max as he rams his raw cock deep into his ass and quickly begins fucking him. It is obvious how much Kike is enjoying being fucked by the big muscle man with his cock rock-hard the entire time and encouraging Max to continue fucking him with his verbal praises. The guys re-position and this time Kike is bouncing his ass up and down on Max’s throbbing cock. The pleasure of that hairy ass on his cock is intensifying as Max joins Kike and begins rising up to meet his downward thrusts. Kike flips around and reaches a better angle at which to gyrate his ass up and down on Max’s cock and goes wild with the pleasure that is filling him up. One last flip and Kike is on his back with Max’s heaving, muscular body on full display for viewing pleasure and his chiseled cock pumping away at his ass. Max’s fucking has reached the sweet spot deep inside of Kike and sends him over the edge of ecstasy as Kike’s cock erupts his hot load of cum. Max continues fucking away at Kike’s ass until he mounts Kike’s hairy chest and unloads his creamy load of cum all over his lips, tongue and face. Kike laps it all up with gusto then sucks Max’s cock dry of his entire load. Now that is an afterwork drink we all want!

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27 Mar 2020

Wow, great scene! Max looks better than ever, I can't get enough of him!

27 Mar 2020

Agree with John, though I wish the Nazi haircut would go out of fashion asap.

27 Mar 2020

This is a very hot scene, I love Kike's hairy body and hunger for sex. I would have liked to see Max eat that hairy ass!

28 Mar 2020

I agree that Max's Nazi haircut has got to go! Kike savors cock as only a true power bottom can. Both are amazing but could use a bit of manscaping, especially at the base of their cocks.

06 Jul 2020

Max Hilton looks terrible with this haircut. It's a big turnoff.

30 Aug 2020

Kike...i want to see again with all hairy

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