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Casting Couch #421: Bruno Max, Noel Santoro

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You know that deep breath that you take just before you open the door to the guy you met online and he finally shows up, Bruno Max lets out a sigh of relief when Noel Santoro is the guy that enters. The underwear are stripped away and the hot cocks demand attention. Bruno stands up and begins to feed his fat, meaty cock into Noel’s eager mouth. Noel works as hard as he can to accommodate as much of Bruno’s fat cock deep into his mouth. Bruno’s cock is the type of cock that we all dream of sucking on and Noel is ready for more. Noel is then forced down onto the bed, Bruno moves in face first and begins eating his hot, pink hole. Bruno decides that Noel’s ass is wet enough and rams his raw big boy dick deep into that wet ass. With a smooth, rhythmic fucking, Bruno fills Noel’s ass with his fat cock and an abundance of pleasure as both men moan out their joy. While in the same position, Bruno gets up on his feet, which gives him greater leverage to go deeper and that is exactly what he does. Bruno drops onto his back as Noel mounts him from above. The guys work in unison with this position to heighten their fucking pleasures. As the deep vein of Bruno’s cock grows in girth, Noel can feel his granite cock expanding inside of his ass and picks up the pace of the fucking. Noel is flipped onto his back this time and Bruno begins working this position, like all positions, to his fullest advantage. Bruno’s cock goes deep and hard and Noel is ready to take it all in all positions. With all this hot action it isn’t long before Bruno pulls out his fat cock and the cum begins to spew from the huge, engorged mushroom cock head that sprays all over Noel’s ass. Bruno scoops up his cum and begins to finger Noel’s ass and that is all that is needed to push him over the edge. Two hot men, lots of hot sex equal lots of hot cum.

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12 Nov 2019

What a great scene. Bruno is particularly hot!

12 Nov 2019

HOT CASTING!!! I love it! Bruno is amazing.

03 Jan 2020

Bruno's trimmed chest hair is manly defined.

17 May 2020

Bruno is amazing!

28 Aug 2020

Where is Bruno? Why he never cum back? I want to see this Top stud in action again!

Irving Wever
15 Oct 2022

Great scene with BRUNO MAX, I fell in love with this newcomer at first sight. BRUNO has such a hot hairy male body. As soon as he got undressed I was surprised to see how sexy this guy is...His male body, his perky and sensitive nipples with piercings are so hot as hell....He is such a good looking guy who really enjoys man to man sex encounters with hairy chested NOEL SANTORO. Bruno Max is a hot TOP, ready to fuck Noel Santoro very hard bareback. Editor Strongboli, thanks for bringing us those hot Spanish men as Noel Santoro and Bruno Max again on stage....

16 Oct 2022

This video is a blockbuster with this goodlooking Spanish guy Noel Santoro. His male body, chest are so amazing. His uncut banana dick really turns me on and his so massive. Love nipple play, and Noel Santoro has such hot perky nipples, which everybody love this nipple play and suck on his nips... Bruno Max is a hot Top and very horse hung, He enjoys man to man encounters and enjoy fucking Noel very hard bareback... Please more on Noel Santoro a Espana native, saw that he did only 1 video untill now....bring Noel Santoro soon back !!

16 Oct 2022

I like this hot Spanish dude Noel Santoro, his chest and his sensitive nipples are so hot to see. I love this guy, his male body is amazing and want to see him coming back at KB with other hot latino dudes as Bruno MAX who has a huge uncut banana dick . Pairing Noel Santoro with John Rodriquez, Guido Plaza or Lucio Saints

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