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Post Workout: Ridder Rivera, Karl Lion

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Ridder Rivera has been training Karl Lion for several weeks now and the sexual tensions between the two muscle men is about to erupt. Karl suggest that black gayporn star Ridder come back to his place for a protein shake. With all those muscles pumping and the testosterone flowing through their veins it is only natural to admire your trainers’ muscles. After a rough kiss, the cocks are released and the admiration really heats up as the guys explore the others taught, pumped muscles. Karl is forced to his knees and begins sucking on Ridders magnificent, monster black cock. Running his hot mouth up and down Ridder’s strong cock, Karl is eager to pleasure his trainer and shows him that he can deep throat his massive cock. With his downward curved cock, Ridder easily swallows Karl’s incredible cock, while Karl pleasures himself with some nipple play. Karl bends over and Ridder takes advantage of his exposed hairy hole and begins licking and exploring his hot ass with his probing tongue. Ridder stands up and shoves his big black dick in Karl’s ass, only to find that he needs more lube, so he eats some more ass then tries again, this time with full success. Ridder slams Karl’s arresting ass nice and deep as both men’s appetite for more builds to vigorous levels. Ridder goes back and forth several times from eating Karl’s ass to pumping it full of black dick. The guys swap and Ridder lies back and lets Karl pleasure himself as he grinds down hard onto Ridder’s throbbing cock. Karl is then flipped onto his back and Ridder takes full control of his wet ass. As Ridder is picking up the rhythm of his intense fucking, Karl takes his own cock into his hand and begins matching Ridder’s pace. As Ridder bangs away at Karl’s ass the intensity reaches a fevered pitch that leads to Karl’s cock erupting his creamy load of cum. Ridder takes this as a nod to fuck me harder and picks up his pace until he unleashes his hot load of cum all over Karl’s abs and heaving chest. Ridder slips his cum soaked cock back into Karl’s drenched and pleasured ass. You know that pumped up, horny feel Post Workout, there is another hot guy at the gym feeling the same, find him and explode together! Gay interracial bareback.

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05 Jul 2019

Hot scene! It's been a long time since we've seen Karl Lion, it's good to see him back

05 Jul 2019

Wow, I love seeing a big-dicked guy getting fucked by another guy with a big dick!

09 Jul 2019

Too automatic, no passion, and mismatched badly. These guys don't care about each other. Muscle needs a tat-free twink for real heat. Disappointing.

09 Jul 2019

I think this scene is really hot! Of course, everyone is entitled to his own opinion. Personally, I'm not into twinks at all. What I like about this website is how they combine masculine, well built men together, and how they're versatile for the most part. I really don't want to see bodybuilders paired with twinks.

08 Sep 2022

Absolutely amazing. Big dicks everywhere! I love to see a guys huge dick flopping around as he gets fucked. Ridder is muscular perfection! Must see!!

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