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Fresh Sex: Ely Chaim, Devian

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Ely Chaim is at the super market making his selections when he crosses paths with Devian. The suggestive glances are exchanged and Ely invites Devian over for dinner. Of course, you know they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other at the super market, so that only means that dinner has now been put on hold. Ely and Devian begin the art of seduction by darting their tongues in and out of the others mouth then moving down to stimulate and chew on each other’s nipples. After fully disrobing, Ely takes Devian’s meaty cock into his mouth and Devian assists by shoving Ely’s mouth all the way down his cock shaft. Devian flips with Ely and works his lips down the full length of Ely’s extensive cock. As Devian floods Ely’s senses with pleasure, Ely begins to massage Devian’s pink hole, raising Devian’s level of pleasure as well. Ely is pushed onto his back and his legs spread wide open as Devian dives into his hairy hole with his exploring tongue. Ely’s hunger is rising and he too wants to taste some hot ass. Devian is put onto all 4’s and his plump ass is treated to Ely’s expert tongue. At this point Devian’s ass is dripping wet and Ely slams his raw cock full length into that smooth sphincter. With Devian’s ass in the air, Ely flips in the opposite direction and comes in deep giving Devian a stimulation he has never felt before. Now it is time for Ely to get a taste of what he has been serving up as Devian rams his cock into Ely’s hairy hole. This position proves to be quite stimulating for Ely as he erupts with a thick load of cum. Devian continues pounding away at Ely’s ass and quickly reaches his threshold and showers Ely’s ass with his milky load. With all that milk Devian lubes up his cock with it and then deposits it inside of Ely’s ass. After working up an appetite, it is now time for dinner.

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18 May 2018

Ely Chaim is always so hot, and he doesn't dissapoint in this scene. Please give us more of Ely soon!

19 May 2018

Cruising in the supermarket. Hot scene!

10 Oct 2022

I enjoy this encounter with those 2 gorgegous guys in a huge supermercado in Madrid. Two good lloking guys met, while they are doing the shopping. Was love at first sight when handsome Ely Chaim saw Devian. Both men have gorgeous bodies and they start kissing in that supermercado and on the road !! Cant believe what I saw when both men, arrived at home as Ely Chaim got undressed taking off his T-shirt. What a hot hairy chest and what a huge nipples this guy has... Really enjoy that cocksucking on that huge 24 cm banana dick of Ely Chaim by Devian. Hottest man to man encounter seen with those gorgeous men...!!

10 Oct 2022

Editor of Kristen Bjorn studios, who is this guy.....Ely Chaim?? At first sight, when I watch this 1 video of him, I fell in love with Ely Chaim, a tall and handsome guy, very good looking with a facial beard, hot hairy chest and his perky and sensitive nipples makes him such a hot guy and my favorite men the moment I watch his 1st video. I like this type of men.....his hairy chest really turns me on and after he got undressed could not believe my eyes to see his huge uncut banana dick, it measured a 25 cm I think. Ely Chaim his uncut cock is really massive... I saw that he is a Lebanon native living in Madrid, Espana now... I discover too that he is and enjoying real hot man to man sex encounters and as a hot BOTTOM he enjoy getting fucked very hard bareback by muscular Devian, in this hot scene. Bring Ely Chaim back soon at Kristen Bjorn studios...where is he now editor after those 4 years now ?? I have missed him a lot for sure !

10 Oct 2022

Great scene. Devian must be happy to meet this handsome man Ely Chaim in this supermercado in Madrid. For Devian it was love at 1st site when he saw Ely chaim that they even start kissing inside the store. Ely chaim was glad to met Devian inside his home and they had the hottest man to man encounter ever seen. Ely Chaim has such a hot muscular body, hairy chest and his uncut banana dick wich is so massive.... Devian is a lucky man to met this handsome muscular guy Ely Chaim in this supermercado.

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