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Casting Couch #360: Adrian Monroy, Xavi Garcia

Video Details

Porn star Xavi Garcia has spotted Adrian Monroy at the club and invites him back to his hotel. It is a hot and interesting mix of scruffy, muscle bear and smooth, mocha muscled stud. Adrian loves the feel of muscle daddy Xavi’s hairy muscular chest and pierced nipples as he runs his hands through his fur and tugs on his piercings. Of course, Xavi loves all this attention as his cock grows to full girth and begs to be released. Xavi begins sucking on Adrian’s smooth black dick filling his senses with pleasure as he breathes in Adrian’s aroma of musk. Adrian takes over and finds that sucking on Xavi’s fat cock is more of a challenge and greater pleasure than he had anticipated. Xavi flips Adrian and dives tongue first into his smooth, tight ass. Adrian spreads his legs wide open so that Xavi’s tongue can fuck him good. With his ass, nice and wet, Adrian decides he is not ready to get fucked, he is too turned on by the hot, hairy Daddy with him and flips Xavi onto all 4’s. Adrian spreads Xavi’s hairy ass cheeks open and plunges his bare cock into Daddy’s hairy hole. The guys flip and Xavi squats down onto Adrian’s rock hard black cock as his fat cock flops around with the desire for more. Daddy Xavi flips Adrian and takes him from behind and rams his raw cock deep inside that smooth, tight ass. As Xavi picks up the pace Adrian’s cock oozes out a hot milky load of cum. Xavi continues with his rapid-fire pace until he erupts his thick load of cum all over Adrian’s beautiful brown ass.

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13 Dec 2017

Nice bodies :))

13 Dec 2017

And nice dicks!

13 Dec 2017

Xavi looks so good in this video :)

13 Dec 2017

I hope you like me in this movie

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