Casting Couch #258: Pierce Turner, Nicolas Taxman

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Pierce has heard about the amazing sexual appetite of Nicolas and wants to experience it for himself. Nicolas is very excited when he sees that Pierce is so ruggedly handsome and sexy. He immediately goes down on Pierce's fat cock and shows him how accommodating his throat truly is. Pierce is so impressed with Nicolas' skills that he explodes his huge load into Nicolas' hungry mouth. The load that Pierce shoots is so huge that Nicolas is unable to swallow it all as some of the globs drips down Pierce's hard shaft. Nicolas then rises to feed the hot load to Pierce, who hungrily accepts his own load. Nicolas then takes Pierce by a handful of hair and lets him suck on his long, uncut cock. Nicolas face fucks Pierce with such force and enthusiasm, Pierce is more then eager to take that cock nice and deep. Eager for more, Nicolas leads Pierce to the bed and shows him his hungry ass. Pierce plunges deep into Nicolas' beautiful ass. Watch as Nicolas' hard cock bounces while he is being fucked on all fours. Nicolas is not the only one with a hungry hole. Pierce needs to be filled as well. He sits down on Nicolas and takes his hard cock for a wild ride. Nicolas is no longer able to control himself and unloads his huge load all over Pierce's ass. Feeling hungry today?

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