Casting Couch #171: Axel Brooks, Alessandro Madera

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10 Oct 2017

Whoever wakes up alongside Alessandro Madera must consider himself to be a very lucky ma indeed, He is totally sensual from the top of his beautifully-shaved head to the tip of his toes.. His pecs and coffee =coloured flesh is flawless, and his pecs and nates are pure perfection, He clearly relishes being A Bottom, .Other commentators than me have probably complimented him on his very tactile Bubble Butt, and no words can do adequate justice to that perfect anus...Alessandro`s coffee = coloured flesh tones are flawless, but his tattoos should have been a better design. Axel clearly is enamoured with Alessandro, and quite rightly, gives him everything that he has got. This video was beautifully- filmed, and Carlos Caballero`s camera work and gallery stills, really does justice to this Close Encounter. of the most encouraging kind.
of the most encouraging kind

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