Casting Couch #133: Daniel Marvin, Paco

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Paco and Daniel Marvin are spending a romantic afternoon at home. As they take each other into their arms the feel the warmth and firm muscles pressing against one another. Daniel tenderly kisses his way down Paco’s torso to his succulent cock shaft. He eagerly takes Paco’s cock into his mouth and delivers a cock sucking that not only brings his cock to life, but sends shock waves of pleasure throughout his entire body. Paco releases Daniel’s cock and begins sucking with such zeal that he is reminded of what a perfect cock Daniel has for sucking. Daniel bends Paco over the arm of the sofa and begins to tenderly lap at his hairy hole and runs his tongue the full length from ass to cock. Once Daniel has thoroughly satiated his ass with his saliva he penetrates Paco slowly and builds his rhythm as Paco relaxes his tight hole. Paco is ready to move from passionate to hardcore fucking. He spreads his legs wide open as Daniel begins to fuck his ass like a jack hammer, in and out, long and hard. Paco strokes his cock in unison with Daniel’s thrusts as both men ride the wave of pleasure to the edge.  Daniel’s wave crests first as his jet streams of cum shower Paco’s glistening body.

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23 Sep 2012


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