Casting Couch #344: Cody Banx, Viktor Rom

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Cody Banx and Viktor Rom have hooked up online and discover that they both have a voracious sexual appetite for each other. Viktor releases Cody’s rock hard cock and wraps his succulent and drooling lips around it and consumes it all. As he expertly runs his lips up and down the hard shaft he also lets his massively fat cock free. Viktor leaps to his feet on top of the bed and begins forcing his huge cock deep into Cody’s mouth and throat. Viktor is impressed with Cody’s cock sucking skills and turns up the heat and begins face fucking Cody with great force. Both men slick up Viktor’s cock with their spit so that nothing slows Cody’s cock sucking. Cody maneuvers his hot ass and hovers just above Viktor’s hungry tongue. Viktor gives Cody’s ass a hot fucking with his tongue as both men work in unison knowing exactly what the other wants. Cody flips over and teases Viktor by flashing his wet hole at Viktor until he slams his huge raw cock deep inside of Cody. After taking Cody from behind the guys flip and Viktor now has complete access to go deeper inside of Cody with him now on his back and his legs wide open. Cody is reveling in the pleasures of this enormous cock fucking his ass and incredibly, the harder and deeper Viktor fucks the harder and fatter his cock becomes. This is driving Cody crazy and forces him to shoot his hot load as Viktor continues his aggressive fucking until he coats Cody’s ass with his thick, creamy load. Cody works his ass to suck that delicacy up into his hole. Viktor helps him out by shoving his load and cock back into Cody’s ass.

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29 May 2015

Sexy and dirty boys!!!! hot video! Amazing BB !!!

01 Dec 2017

This video is so hot to see my favorite Victor ROM back on stage, his strong muscle body and chest is so hot. Victor is cock is so huge and like to see him topping Cody Banx, who is able to take that huge shaft of Viktor Rom...

01 Dec 2017

Victor Rom you are my favorite man at KB, when stripping of your tight jeans, love to see that huge cock coming out of your pants.....!! Victor your tattoed chest and body are so hot !! Cody Banx enjoys that huge shaft of Victor !

Mario Cruz
01 Dec 2017

Victor ROM you are so hung, your Cock is amazing hot and so HUGE !!! Wow Victor Rom you are the best, love you BRO . Cody Banx also very hung guy !!!

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