Casting Couch #47: Rocco Banks, Danil

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Rocco is a veteran at film work and is more than eager to show Danil his skills.  Danil starts out by chewing on Rocco's hot nipples, giving him a hard on that can't wait to be released.  Once released Rocco's beautiful, uncut, long upturned cock is more than ready for Danil's throat.  Both Rocco and Danil share their deep throating abilities to our pleasure.  Rocco eats away at Danil's hot pucker hole and he is now ready for a hot ride.  He jumps up and on top of Rocco's huge, hard cock.  After a hot ride Rocco flips Danil onto his back and then we get to see all the pleasure that Danil is having, the smile on his face says it all.  Rocco pumps away as Danil unloads a huge load all over his ripped abs and chest.  Feeling the gripping ass muscles on his hot cock, Rocco is unable to pull out in time to unload, but empties his full condom onto Danil then licks it all up.  He then shares the sweet load on his lips with Danil's lips.

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