Fire Dance (Director´s cut)

Video Details

Fire Dance is one of Kristen's hottest videos ever made! With a cast of 19 of the hottest men on earth, Fire Dance will knock your socks off! Two brothers (Juan Jimenez and Carlos Montenegro) run a guest house on their family estate; a medieval chateau somewhere in Europe. Hot men from all over come to the chateau because of it's beauty, and also because it's tainted history. With the comings and goings of chateau employees and visiting guests, inevitably hot sex explodes at every turn, and the chateau's secret in finally revealed.

The Director's Cut (available only here) has these extra features:

  • An extra 30 minute, four-man scene (Bruno Duarte, Alexandre Gonzalez, Falco Jabour, and Tibor Cernan)
  • A behind the scenes photo gallery
  • A cumshot review